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An obsolete rude reed instrument (Ger. Zinken), of the oboe family.

  1. Music A wind instrument of the trumpet class, having three valves operated by pistons.
  2. A piece of paper twisted into a cone and used to hold small wares such as candy or nuts.
  3. A headdress, often cone-shaped, worn by women in the 12th and 13th centuries.

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× കുഴൽവാദ്യം - Kuzhalvaadhyam | Kuzhalvadhyam
× ഒരു പിച്ചള വാദ്യക്കുഴല്‍ - Oru Pichala Vaadhyakkuzhal‍ | Oru Pichala Vadhyakkuzhal‍
× ഊത്തുകൊമ്പ്‌ - Ooththukompu | Oothukompu
× കാഹളം - Kaahalam | Kahalam
× കുഴല്‍വാദ്യം - Kuzhal‍vaadhyam | Kuzhal‍vadhyam
× ഒരു തരം കുഴല്‍വാദ്യം - Oru Tharam Kuzhal‍vaadhyam | Oru Tharam Kuzhal‍vadhyam


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