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Any horizontal, molded or otherwise decorated projection which crowns or finishes the part to which it is affixed; as, the cornice of an order, pedestal, door, window, or house.

  1. A horizontal molded projection that crowns or completes a building or wall.
  2. The uppermost part of an entablature.
  3. The molding at the top of the walls of a room, between the walls and ceiling.
  4. An ornamental horizontal molding or frame used to conceal rods, picture hooks, or other devices.
  5. To supply, decorate, or finish with or as if with a cornice.

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× കാഹളം - Kaahalam | Kahalam
× ചുവരിന്റെ മുകള്‍ഭാഗത്തുള്ള ശില്‍പവേല - Chuvarinte Mukal‍bhaagaththulla Shil‍pavela | Chuvarinte Mukal‍bhagathulla Shil‍pavela
× പ്രാകാരശൃംഗം - Praakaarashrumgam | Prakarashrumgam
× ചുവരിന്റെ മുകൾഭാഗത്തുള്ള ശില്‌പവേല - Chuvarinte Mukalbhaagaththulla Shilpavela | Chuvarinte Mukalbhagathulla Shilpavela
× പ്രാകാരശീര്‍ഷം - Praakaarasheer‍sham | Prakarasheer‍sham
× പ്രകാരശീര്‍ഷം - Prakaarasheer‍sham | Prakarasheer‍sham
× ചിത്രാവരി - Chithraavari | Chithravari
× ചുവരിന്റെ മുകള്‍ഭാഗത്തുള്ള ശില്‌പവേല - Chuvarinte Mukal‍bhaagaththulla Shilpavela | Chuvarinte Mukal‍bhagathulla Shilpavela
× ചുവരിന്റെ മുകൾഭാഗത്തുള്ള ശിൽപവേല - Chuvarinte Mukalbhaagaththulla Shilpavela | Chuvarinte Mukalbhagathulla Shilpavela


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