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To eat away by degrees; to wear away or diminish by gradually separating or destroying small particles of, as by action of a strong acid or a caustic alkali.

  1. To destroy a metal or alloy gradually, especially by oxidation or chemical action: acid corroding metal.
  2. To impair steadily; deteriorate: "Doubt and mistrust could creep into our lives, corroding personal and professional relationships” ( Philip Taubman).
  3. To be eaten or worn away.

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× കാർന്നു തിന്നുക - Kaarnnu Thinnuka | Karnnu Thinnuka
× കാര്‍ന്നുതിന്നുക - Kaar‍nnuthinnuka | Kar‍nnuthinnuka
× കാര്‍ന്നു തിന്നുക - Kaar‍nnu Thinnuka | Kar‍nnu Thinnuka
× കരടുക - Karaduka
× കരളുക - Karaluka


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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