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A soft, downy substance, resembling fine wool, consisting of the unicellular twisted hairs which grow on the seeds of the cotton plant. Long-staple cotton has a fiber sometimes almost two inches long; short-staple, from two thirds of an inch to an inch and a half.

  1. Any of various shrubby plants of the genus Gossypium, having showy flowers and grown for the soft white downy fibers surrounding oil-rich seeds.
  2. The fiber of any of these plants, used in making textiles and other products.
  3. Thread or cloth manufactured from the fiber of these plants.
  4. The crop of these plants.
  5. Any of various soft downy substances produced by other plants, as on the seeds of a cottonwood.
  6. Informal To take a liking; attempt to be friendly: a dog that didn't cotton to strangers; an administration that will cotton up to the most repressive of regimes.
  7. Informal To come to understand. Often used with to or onto: "The German bosses . . . never cottoned to such changes” ( N.R. Kleinfield).

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× പിശുനം - Pishunam
× പഞ്ചി - Panchi
× പരുത്തിനൂല്‍ത്തുണി - Paruththinool‍ththuni | Paruthinool‍thuni
× പരുത്തിത്തുണി - Paruththiththuni | Paruthithuni
× പഞ്ഞിത്തുണി - Panjiththuni | Panjithuni
× പരുത്തിച്ചെടി - Paruththichedi | Paruthichedi
× തൂലി - Thooli
× അംബരം - Ambaram
× കര്‍പ്പാസം - Kar‍ppaasam | Kar‍ppasam
× പഞ്ജി - Panjji
× തുയ് - Thuyu
× ഇതില്‍നിന്നുണ്ടാക്കിയ നൂല് - Ithil‍ninnundaakkiya Noolu | Ithil‍ninnundakkiya Noolu
× കാര്‍പ്പാസം - Kaar‍ppaasam | Kar‍ppasam
× പരുത്തി - Paruththi | Paruthi
× തൂലം - Thoolam
× തൂല - Thoola
× പരുത്തിനൂല്‍ - Paruththinool‍ | Paruthinool‍


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