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A transverse bar or piece, as a bar across a door, or as the iron bar or stock which passes through the shank of an anchor to insure its turning fluke down.

  1. A horizontal bar, line, or stripe.

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× അഴി മുതലായവ - Azhi Muthalaayava | Azhi Muthalayava
× ഒരു തരം തുലായന്ത്രം - Oru Tharam Thulaayanthram | Oru Tharam Thulayanthram
× കുറുകെയുള്ള തടി, അഴി മുതലായവ - Kurukeyulla Thadi, Azhi Muthalaayava | Kurukeyulla Thadi, Azhi Muthalayava


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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