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A crude, undigested, or unprepared state; rawness; unripeness; immatureness; unfitness for a destined use or purpose; as, the crudeness of iron ore; crudeness of theories or plans.

  1. The state of being crude
  2. A crude act or characteristic.

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തീച്ചൂള - Theechoola ;പ്രാകൃതസ്ഥിതി - Praakruthasthithi | Prakruthasthithi ;പരുക്കത്തരം - Parukkaththaram | Parukkatharam ;മൂശ - Moosha ;അപക്വത - Apakvatha ;അപരിണാമം - Aparinaamam | Aparinamam ;

അപരിഷ്‌കൃതത്വം - Aparishkruthathvam ;അസംസ്കൃതത്വം - Asamskruthathvam ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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