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The tail; the end of a thing; especially, a tail-like twist of hair worn at the back of the head; a queue.

  1. Games A long tapered rod with a leather tip used to strike the cue ball in billiards and pool.
  2. Games A long stick with a concave attachment at one end for shoving disks in shuffleboard.
  3. A queue of hair.
  4. A line of waiting people or vehicles; a queue.
  5. Games To strike with a cue.
  6. To braid or twist (hair) into a queue.
  7. To form a line or queue.
  8. A signal, such as a word or action, used to prompt another event in a performance, such as an actor's speech or entrance, a change in lighting, or a sound effect.
  9. A reminder or prompting.
  10. A hint or suggestion.
  11. Music An extract from the music for another part printed, usually in smaller notes, within a performer's part as a signal to enter after a long rest.
  12. Music A gesture by a conductor signaling the entrance of a performer or part.
  13. Psychology A stimulus, either consciously or unconsciously perceived, that elicits or signals a type of behavior.
  14. Archaic One's assigned role or function.
  15. Archaic A mood; a disposition.
  16. To give a cue to; signal or prompt.
  17. To insert into the sequence of a performance: cued the lights for the monologue scene.
  18. To position (an audio or video recording) in readiness for playing: cue up a record on the turntable.
  19. cue in To give information or instructions to, as to a latecomer.
  20. The letter q.

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× എങ്ങനെ പെരുമാറണമെന്ന സൂചന - Engane Perumaaranamenna Soochana | Engane Perumaranamenna Soochana
× സൂചന - Soochana
× സൂത്രം - Soothram
× സൂചകപദം - Soochakapadham
× കുറിവാക്ക് - Kurivaakku | Kurivakku
× എങ്ങനെ പെരുമാണണമെന്ന സൂചന - Engane Perumaananamenna Soochana | Engane Perumananamenna Soochana
× കുറിവാക്ക്‌ - Kurivaakku | Kurivakku


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