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That which cuts off or shortens, as a nearer passage or road.

  1. A designated limit or point of termination.
  2. A shortcut or bypass.
  3. A new channel cut by a river across the neck of an oxbow.
  4. The act or an instance of cutting off: a cutoff of funds; an electricity cutoff.
  5. Baseball The interception by an infielder of a throw to home plate from the outfield.
  6. A device that cuts off a flow of fluid.
  7. Music A conductor's signal indicating a stop or break in playing or singing.
  8. Pants, such as blue jeans, made into shorts by cutting off part of the legs.
  9. Designating a limit or point of termination: a cutoff date for applications.
  10. Baseball Serving to intercept or relay a throw to home plate from the outfield: the cutoff man.

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× ആച്ഛിന്ന - Aachchinna | achchinna


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