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  1. Believing or showing the belief that people are motivated chiefly by base or selfish concerns; skeptical of the motives of others: a cynical dismissal of the politician's promise to reform the campaign finance system.
  2. Selfishly or callously calculating: showed a cynical disregard for the safety of his troops in his efforts to advance his reputation.
  3. Negative or pessimistic, as from world-weariness: a cynical view of the average voter's intelligence.
  4. Expressing jaded or scornful skepticism or negativity: cynical laughter.

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ദോഷാനുദർശനം - Dhoshaanudharshanam | Dhoshanudharshanam ;ദോഷൈകദൃക്കായ - Dhoshaikadhrukkaaya | Dhoshaikadhrukkaya ;ദോഷൈകദൃക്കായ - Dhoshaikadhrukkaaya | Dhoshaikadhrukkaya ; ;മനുഷ്യ വിദ്വോഷി - Manushya Vidhvoshi ;എല്ലാത്തിനേയും കുറ്റപ്പെടുത്തുകയും വിമർശിക്കുകയും ചെയ്യുക - Ellaaththineyum Kuttappeduththukayum Vimarshikkukayum Cheyyuka | Ellathineyum Kuttappeduthukayum Vimarshikkukayum Cheyyuka ;

ലോകവിദ്വേഷം - Lokavidhvesham ;ദോഷദർശനസ്വാഭാവം - Dhoshadharshanasvaabhaavam | Dhoshadharshanaswabhavam ;ലോകവിദ്വേഷം - Lokavidhvesham ;ദോഷദർശി - Dhoshadharshi ;ലോകനിന്ദകൻ - Lokanindhakan ;ദോഷംമാത്രം കാണുന്നവൻ - Dhoshammaathram Kaanunnavan | Dhoshammathram Kanunnavan ;ദോഷാനുദര്‍ശനം - Dhoshaanudhar‍shanam | Dhoshanudhar‍shanam ;ദോഷദര്‍ശന സ്വഭാവം - Dhoshadhar‍shana Svabhaavam | Dhoshadhar‍shana swabhavam ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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