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A well-known plant of the genus Taraxacum (T. officinale, formerly called T. Dens-leonis and Leontodos Taraxacum) bearing large, yellow, compound flowers, and deeply notched leaves.

  1. A Eurasian plant (Taraxacum officinale) of the composite family having many-rayed yellow flower heads and deeply notched basal leaves. Widely naturalized as a weed in North America, it is used in salads and to make wine.
  2. Any of several similar or related plants.
  3. A brilliant to vivid yellow.

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× താണ്ഡവം - Thaandavam | Thandavam
× ജമന്തി - Jamanthi
× നൃത്തം - Nruththam | Nrutham


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