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A falling away; decay; deterioration; declension. "The old castle, where the family lived in their decadence."

  1. A process, condition, or period of deterioration or decline, as in morals or art; decay.
  2. A literary movement especially of late 19th-century France and England characterized by refined aestheticism, artifice, and the quest for new sensations.

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× അപകര്‍ഷം - Apakar‍sham
× സദാചാരത്തിനും മറ്റുമുളള ഇടിച്ചില്‍ - Sadhaachaaraththinum Mattumulala Idichil‍ | Sadhacharathinum Mattumulala Idichil‍
× അധോഗതി - Adhogathi
× അധ:പതനം - Adha:pathanam
× സദാചാരത്തിനും മറ്റുമുളള ഇടിച്ചിൽ - Sadhaachaaraththinum Mattumulala Idichil | Sadhacharathinum Mattumulala Idichil
× ഗതി - Gathi


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