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To pass gradually from a sound, prosperous, or perfect state, to one of imperfection, adversity, or dissolution; to waste away; to decline; to fail; to become weak, corrupt, or disintegrated; to rot; to perish; as, a tree decays; fortunes decay; hopes decay.

  1. Biology To break down into component parts; rot.
  2. Physics To disintegrate or diminish by radioactive decay.
  3. Electronics To decrease gradually in magnitude. Used of voltage or current.
  4. Aerospace To decrease in orbit. Used of an artificial satellite.
  5. To fall into ruin: a civilization that had begun to decay.
  6. Pathology To decline in health or vigor; waste away.
  7. To decline from a state of normality, excellence, or prosperity; deteriorate.
  8. To cause to decay.
  9. The destruction or decomposition of organic matter as a result of bacterial or fungal action; rot.
  10. Rotted matter.
  11. Physics Radioactive decay.
  12. Aerospace The decrease in orbital altitude of an artificial satellite as a result of conditions such as atmospheric drag.
  13. A gradual deterioration to an inferior state: tooth decay; urban decay.
  14. A falling into ruin.

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× അപചയം - Apachayam
× ഒരു റേഡിയോ ആക്റ്റീവ് പദാർത്ഥം ഐസോടോപ്പുകളായി വിഭജിക്കപ്പെടുക - Oru Rediyo Aaktteevu Padhaarththam Aisodoppukalaayi Vibhajikkappeduka | Oru Rediyo aktteevu Padhartham Aisodoppukalayi Vibhajikkappeduka
× ചീയുക - Cheeyuka
× ഒരു റേഡിയോ ആക്റ്റീവ് പദാര്‍ത്ഥം ഐസോടോപ്പുകളായി വിഭജിക്കപ്പെടുക - Oru Rediyo Aaktteevu Padhaar‍ththam Aisodoppukalaayi Vibhajikkappeduka | Oru Rediyo aktteevu Padhar‍tham Aisodoppukalayi Vibhajikkappeduka
× ഹാനി - Haani | Hani
× റേഡിയോ ആക്‌ടീവിറ്റിയുടെ വ്യാപ്‌തിയിലും മറ്റും കുറവു സംഭവിക്കല്‍ - Rediyo Aakdeevittiyude Vyaapthiyilum Mattum Kuravu Sambhavikkal‍ | Rediyo akdeevittiyude Vyapthiyilum Mattum Kuravu Sambhavikkal‍
× ഭ്രംശം - Bhramsham
× അധിക്ഷിത്ത് - Adhikshiththu | Adhikshithu
× ചീയല്‍ - Cheeyal‍
× അപകര്‍ഷം - Apakar‍sham
× കേടുപാട്‌ - Kedupaadu | Kedupadu


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