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The act or process of resolving the constituent parts of a compound body or substance into its elementary parts; separation into constituent part; analysis; the decay or dissolution consequent on the removal or alteration of some of the ingredients of a compound; disintegration; as, the decomposition of wood, rocks, etc.

  1. The act or result of decomposing; disintegration.
  2. Chemistry Separation into constituents by chemical reaction.
  3. Biology Breakdown or decay of organic materials.

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രാസവിയോജനം - Raasaviyojanam | Rasaviyojanam ;ദ്രവിക്കല്‍ - Dhravikkal‍ ;ചീയൽ - Cheeyal ;വിശ്ലേഷണം - Vishleshanam ;ദ്രവിക്കുക - Dhravikkuka ;അപഗ്രഥനം - Apagrathanam ;

അഴുകല്‍ - Azhukal‍ ;അഴുകുക - Azhukuka ;ചീയല്‍ - Cheeyal‍ ;ജീര്‍ണ്ണിക്കല്‍ - Jeer‍nnikkal‍ ;ധാതുവിയോഗം - Dhaathuviyogam | Dhathuviyogam ;വിഘടനം - Vighadanam ;


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