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A leading or drawing off of water from a stream or source.

  1. The act or process of deriving.
  2. The state or fact of being derived; originating: a custom of recent derivation.
  3. Something derived; a derivative.
  4. The form or source from which something is derived; an origin.
  5. The historical origin and development of a word; an etymology.
  6. Linguistics The process by which words are formed from existing words or bases by adding affixes, as singer from sing or undo from do, by changing the shape of the word or base, as song from sing, or by adding an affix and changing the pronunciation of the word or base, as electricity from electric.
  7. Linguistics A linguistic description of the process of word formation.
  8. Linguistics In generative linguistics, the process by which a surface structure is generated from a deep structure.
  9. Linguistics A formal representation or description of the series of ordered linguistic rules and operations that generate a surface structure from a deep structure.
  10. Logic & Mathematics A logical or mathematical process indicating through a sequence of statements that a result such as a theorem or a formula necessarily follows from the initial assumptions.

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× പദോൽപത്തി പഠിക്കൽ - Padholpaththi Padikkal | Padholpathi Padikkal
× ശബ്ദോൽപത്തി - Shabdholpaththi | Shabdholpathi
× വ്യുല്‍പത്തി - Vyul‍paththi | Vyul‍pathi
× ഊഹ്യം - Oohyam
× ഉത്ഭവം - Uthbhavam
× പദ്ദോല്‍പത്തി പഠിക്കല്‍ - Paddhol‍paththi Padikkal‍ | Padhol‍pathi Padikkal‍
× മനുഷ്യമൃഗാദികളുടെ ഉത്ഭവം കണ്ടെത്തല്‍ - Manushyamrugaadhikalude Uthbhavam Kandeththal‍ | Manushyamrugadhikalude Uthbhavam Kandethal‍
× അനുമാനം - Anumaanam | Anumanam
× ഉദ്ഭവം - Udhbhavam
× ശബ്‌ദോല്‍പത്തി - Shabdhol‍paththi | Shabdhol‍pathi
× ശബ്ദോല്‍പത്തി - Shabdhol‍paththi | Shabdhol‍pathi


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