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Allowing light to pass through, as porcelain; translucent or transparent; pellucid; clear.

  1. Of such fine texture as to be transparent or translucent: diaphanous tulle.
  2. Characterized by delicacy of form. See Synonyms at airy.
  3. Vague or insubstantial: diaphanous dreams of glory.

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× വെളിച്ചം കടത്തിവിടുന്ന - Velicham Kadaththividunna | Velicham Kadathividunna
× വജ്രം - Vajram
× വൈരം - Vairam
× സുതാര്യമായ - Suthaaryamaaya | Sutharyamaya
× വെളിച്ചം കടത്തി വിടുന്ന - Velicham Kadaththi Vidunna | Velicham Kadathi Vidunna


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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