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The office, or the term of office, of a dictator; hence, absolute power.

  1. The office or tenure of a dictator.
  2. A state or government under dictatorial rule.
  3. Absolute or despotic control or power.

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തൊഴിലാളിവർഗ്ഗ സ്വേച്ഛാധിപത്യം - Thozhilaalivargga Svechchaadhipathyam | Thozhilalivargga swechchadhipathyam ;ഏകാധിപത്യം - Ekaadhipathyam | Ekadhipathyam ;സേഛ്‌ഛാധിപത്യം - Sechchaadhipathyam | Sechchadhipathyam ;തന്നിഷ്ടക്കാരനായ - Thannishdakkaaranaaya | Thannishdakkaranaya ;അനിയന്ത്രിതമായ - Aniyanthrithamaaya | Aniyanthrithamaya ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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