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Having the difference marked; distinguished by certain tokens.

  1. To make a clear distinction; distinguish: discriminate among the options available.
  2. To make sensible decisions; judge wisely.
  3. To make distinctions on the basis of class or category without regard to individual merit; show preference or prejudice: was accused of discriminating against women; discriminated in favor of his cronies.
  4. To perceive the distinguishing features of; recognize as distinct: discriminate right from wrong.
  5. To distinguish by noting differences; differentiate: unable to discriminate colors.
  6. To make or constitute a distinction in or between: methods that discriminate science from pseudoscience.

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× വ്യത്യസ്‌തരീതിയില്‍ പെരുമാറുക - Vyathyasthareethiyil‍ Perumaaruka | Vyathyasthareethiyil‍ Perumaruka
× വിവേചനം കാട്ടുക - Vivechanam Kaattuka | Vivechanam Kattuka
× വ്യത്യാസം കാണുക - Vyathyaasam Kaanuka | Vyathyasam Kanuka
× വിവേചനം കാണിക്കുക - Vivechanam Kaanikkuka | Vivechanam Kanikkuka


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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