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Tending to disjoin; separating; disjoining.

  1. Serving to separate or divide.
  2. Grammar Serving to establish a relationship of contrast or opposition. The conjunction but in the phrase poor but comfortable is disjunctive.
  3. Logic Of a proposition that presents two or more alternative terms.
  4. Logic Of a syllogism that contains a disjunction as one premise.
  5. Grammar A disjunctive conjunction.

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× വിശ്ലേഷകരമായ - Vishleshakaramaaya | Vishleshakaramaya
× പൊരുത്തമില്ലാത്ത - Poruththamillaaththa | Poruthamillatha
× വേർപാട്‌ - Verpaadu | Verpadu


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