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The act of dissociating or disuniting; a state of separation; disunion.

  1. The act of dissociating or the condition of having been dissociated.
  2. Chemistry The process by which the action of a solvent or a change in physical condition, as in pressure or temperature, causes a molecule to split into simpler groups of atoms, single atoms, or ions.
  3. Chemistry The separation of an electrolyte into ions of opposite charge.
  4. Psychiatry A psychological defense mechanism in which specific, anxiety-provoking thoughts, emotions, or physical sensations are separated from the rest of the psyche.

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× ധാരാളിത്തം - Dhaaraaliththam | Dharalitham
× വേർപെടുത്തുക - Verpeduththuka | Verpeduthuka
× വിഘടനം - Vighadanam


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