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To fall in drops or small drops, or in a quick succession of drops; as, water dribbles from the eaves.

  1. To flow or fall in drops or an unsteady stream; trickle: Water dribbled from the leaky faucet.
  2. To let saliva drip from the mouth; drool.
  3. Sports To dribble a ball or puck.
  4. Sports To advance by dribbling: dribbled down the court.
  5. To let flow or fall in drops or an unsteady stream.
  6. Sports To move (a ball or puck) by repeated light bounces or kicks, as in basketball or soccer.
  7. Sports To hit (a baseball, for example) so that it bounces slowly.
  8. A weak, unsteady stream; a trickle.
  9. A small quantity; a bit.
  10. Sports The act of dribbling a ball.

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× തുളളിതുളളിയായ വീഴുക - Thulalithulaliyaaya Veezhuka | Thulalithulaliyaya Veezhuka
× തുളഅളിതുള്ളയായി വീഴിക്കക - Thulaalithullayaayi Veezhikkaka | Thulalithullayayi Veezhikkaka
× പന്തു ചെറുതായി തട്ടല്‍ - Panthu Cheruthaayi Thattal‍ | Panthu Cheruthayi Thattal‍
× തുള്ളിതുള്ളിയായി വീഴിക്കുക - Thullithulliyaayi Veezhikkuka | Thullithulliyayi Veezhikkuka
× തുളളിതുളളിയായി വീഴുക - Thulalithulaliyaayi Veezhuka | Thulalithulaliyayi Veezhuka


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