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A right; law in its aspect of the foundation of rights; also, in old law, the writ of right.

  1. A legal right.
  2. Something to which one has legal right.

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× ധാര്‍മ്മികമോനിയമപരമായ ആയ അധികാരം - Dhaar‍mmikamoniyamaparamaaya Aaya Adhikaaram | Dhar‍mmikamoniyamaparamaya aya Adhikaram
× ധാര്‍മ്മികമോനിയമപരമോ ആയ അധികാരം - Dhaar‍mmikamoniyamaparamo Aaya Adhikaaram | Dhar‍mmikamoniyamaparamo aya Adhikaram
× തുരത്തുക - Thuraththuka | Thurathuka


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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