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The quality of being droll; sportive tricks; buffoonery; droll stories; comical gestures or manners.

  1. A comical or whimsical quality.
  2. A comical or whimsical way of acting, talking, or behaving.
  3. The act of joking; clowning.
  4. Something, such as a story, that is comical or whimsical.

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കോമാളിത്തം - Komaaliththam | Komalitham ;കോമാളിത്തം - Komaaliththam | Komalitham ;വിനോദം - Vinodham ;വിനോദം - Vinodham ;പരിഹാസം - Parihaasam | Parihasam ;തുരത്തുക - Thuraththuka | Thurathuka ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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