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To confer knighthood upon; as, the king dubbed his son Henry a knight.

  1. To tap lightly on the shoulder by way of conferring knighthood.
  2. To honor with a new title or description.
  3. To give a name to facetiously or playfully; nickname.
  4. To strike, cut, or rub (timber or leather, for example) so as to make even or smooth.
  5. To dress (a fowl).
  6. To execute (a golf stroke, for example) poorly.
  7. An awkward person or player; a bungler.
  8. To thrust at; poke.
  9. To beat (a drum).
  10. To make a thrust.
  11. To beat on a drum.
  12. The act of dubbing.
  13. A drumbeat.
  14. To transfer (recorded material) onto a new recording medium.
  15. To copy (a record or tape).
  16. To insert a new soundtrack, often a synchronized translation of the original dialogue, into (a film).
  17. To add (sound) into a film or tape: dub in strings behind the vocal.
  18. The new sounds added by dubbing.
  19. A dubbed copy of a tape or record.
  20. A mostly instrumental style of music originating in Jamaica, produced by remixing existing recordings to emphasize bass and drum rhythms and adding audio effects
  21. Scots A puddle or small pool.

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× ദ്വൈത - Dhvaitha
× സ്ഥാനപ്പേരു കൊടുക്കുക - Sthaanapperu Kodukkuka | Sthanapperu Kodukkuka
× സ്ഥാനപ്പേരുകൊടുക്കുക - Sthaanapperukodukkuka | Sthanapperukodukkuka
× മറ്റൊരു ഭാഷയില്‍ ശബ്‌ദലേഖനം ചെയ്യുക - Mattoru Bhaashayil‍ Shabdhalekhanam Cheyyuka | Mattoru Bhashayil‍ Shabdhalekhanam Cheyyuka
× ചലച്ചിത്രത്തിനു മറ്റൊരു ഭാഷയില്‍ ശബ്‌ദരേഖ നല്‍കുന്ന - Chalachithraththinu Mattoru Bhaashayil‍ Shabdharekha Nal‍kunna | Chalachithrathinu Mattoru Bhashayil‍ Shabdharekha Nal‍kunna
× രേഖപ്പെടുത്തിയ സംഗീതവും മറ്റും പുതിയ തട്ടിലേക്കോ ടെയ്‌പിലേക്കോ പകര്‍ത്തുക - Rekhappeduththiya Samgeethavum Mattum Puthiya Thattilekko Deypilekko Pakar‍ththuka | Rekhappeduthiya Samgeethavum Mattum Puthiya Thattilekko Deypilekko Pakar‍thuka
× സ്ഥാനം നല്‍കുക - Sthaanam Nal‍kuka | Sthanam Nal‍kuka
× ഭാഷ മാറ്റിപ്പറയുക - Bhaasha Maattipparayuka | Bhasha Mattipparayuka
× സ്ഥാനപ്പേരു കൊടുക്കുക - Sthaanapperu Kodukkuka | Sthanapperu Kodukkuka
× ഡബ്‌ ചെയ്‌തുചേര്‍ത്ത സംഭാഷണവും മറ്റും - Dabu Cheythucher‍ththa Sambhaashanavum Mattum | Dabu Cheythucher‍tha Sambhashanavum Mattum


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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