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The root of the box tree, of which hafts for daggers were made.

  1. A sullen, angry, or indignant humor: "Slamming the door in Meg's face, Aunt March drove off in high dudgeon” ( Louisa May Alcott).
  2. Obsolete A kind of wood used in making knife handles.
  3. Archaic A dagger with a hilt made of this wood.
  4. Archaic The hilt of a dagger.

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× നാഡി - Naadi | Nadi
× പക - Paka
× കുത്തുവാള്‍ - Kuththuvaal‍ | Kuthuval‍
× പരിഭവം - Paribhavam
× നീരസം - Neerasam


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