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An explosive substance consisting of nitroglycerin absorbed by some inert, porous solid, as infusorial earth, sawdust, etc. It is safer than nitroglycerin, being less liable to explosion from moderate shocks, or from spontaneous decomposition.

  1. Any of a class of powerful explosives composed of nitroglycerin or ammonium nitrate dispersed in an absorbent medium with a combustible dope, such as wood pulp, and an antacid, such as calcium carbonate, used in blasting and mining.
  2. Slang Something exceptionally exciting or wonderful.
  3. Slang Something exceptionally dangerous: These allegations are political dynamite.
  4. To blow up, shatter, or otherwise destroy with or as if with dynamite.
  5. To charge with dynamite.
  6. Slang Outstanding; superb: a dynamite performance; a dynamite outfit.

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× അപകടകരമായ ചുറ്റുപാട് - Apakadakaramaaya Chuttupaadu | Apakadakaramaya Chuttupadu
× ചിറ - Chira
× പാറയും മറ്റും പൊട്ടി്കാനുള്ള വെടിമരുന്ന് - Paarayum Mattum Potti്kaanulla Vedimarunnu | Parayum Mattum Potti്kanulla Vedimarunnu
× ഊര്‍ജ്ജസ്വലമായ - Oor‍jjasvalamaaya | Oor‍jjaswalamaya
× പാറയും മറ്റും പൊട്ടിക്കാനുള്ള വെടിമരുന്ന്‌ - Paarayum Mattum Pottikkaanulla Vedimarunnu | Parayum Mattum Pottikkanulla Vedimarunnu
× അതിവിദാരണി - Athividhaarani | Athividharani
× പാറവെടിമരുന്ന് - Paaravedimarunnu | Paravedimarunnu
× പാറവെടി മരുന്ന്‌ - Paaravedi Marunnu | Paravedi Marunnu


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