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A great circle of the celestial sphere, making an angle with the equinoctial of about 23° 28′. It is the apparent path of the sun, or the real path of the earth as seen from the sun.

  1. The intersection plane of the earth's orbit with the celestial sphere, along which the sun appears to move as viewed from the earth.
  2. A great circle inscribed on a terrestrial globe inclined at an approximate angle of 23°27ʹ to the equator and representing the apparent motion of the sun in relation to the earth during a year.

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× ഗ്രഹണസംബന്ധമായ - Grahanasambandhamaaya | Grahanasambandhamaya
× അയനം - Ayanam
× ഗ്രഹണം - Grahanam
× ക്രാന്തിവൃത്തം - Kraanthivruththam | Kranthivrutham


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