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A disease of the skin, in which it become enormously thickened, and is rough, hard, and fissured, like an elephant's hide.

  1. Chronic, often extreme enlargement and hardening of cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue, especially of the legs and external genitals, resulting from lymphatic obstruction and usually caused by infestation of the lymph glands and vessels with a filarial worm.

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× പെരുക്കാല്‍ - Perukkaal‍ | Perukkal‍
× ആന - Aana | ana
× ഓതക്കാല് - Othakkaalu | Othakkalu
× മന്തുകാൽ - Manthukaal | Manthukal
× മന്തുകാല്‍ - Manthukaal‍ | Manthukal‍
× ശ്ലീപദം - Shleepadham
× ആനക്കുഷ്ഠം - Aanakkushdam | anakkushdam


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