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The first rudiments of an organism, whether animal or plant

  1. An organism in its early stages of development, especially before it has reached a distinctively recognizable form.
  2. An organism at any time before full development, birth, or hatching.
  3. The fertilized egg of a vertebrate animal following cleavage.
  4. In humans, the prefetal product of conception from implantation through the eighth week of development.
  5. Botany The minute, rudimentary plant contained within a seed or an archegonium.
  6. A rudimentary or beginning stage: "To its founding fathers, the European [Economic] Community was the embryo of the United States of Europe” ( Economist).

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മനുഷ്യഭ്രൂണം - Manushyabhroonam ;ഗര്‍ഭപിണ്‌ഡം - Gar‍bhapindam ;വിത്തിനകത്തുള്ള മുള - Viththinakaththulla Mula | Vithinakathulla Mula ;പീള്‍ - Peel‍ ;വളര്‍ച്ച പൂര്‍ത്തിയാകാത്ത - Valar‍cha Poor‍ththiyaakaaththa | Valar‍cha Poor‍thiyakatha ;പീള് - Peelu ;

കരു - Karu ;വളർച്ച പൂർത്തിയാകാത്ത - Valarcha Poorththiyaakaaththa | Valarcha Poorthiyakatha ;ഭ്രൂണം - Bhroonam ;ഭ്രൂണശാസ്‌ത്രം - Bhroonashaasthram | Bhroonashasthram ;ഇളംകരു - Ilamkaru ;ബീജാങ്കുരം - Beejaankuram | Beejankuram ;ആലിംഗനം - Aalimganam | alimganam ;


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