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The state or quality of exceeding a measure or rule, or of being immoderate, monstrous, or outrageous.

  1. The quality of passing all moral bounds; excessive wickedness or outrageousness.
  2. A monstrous offense or evil; an outrage.
  3. Usage Problem Great size; immensity: "Beyond that, [Russia's] sheer enormity offered a defense against invaders that no European nation enjoyed” ( W. Bruce Lincoln).

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അതിക്രമം - Athikramam ;കൊടുംപാപം - Kodumpaapam | Kodumpapam ;ഭീമാകാരം - Bheemaakaaram | Bheemakaram ;നെറികേട്‌ - Nerikedu ;ആധിക്യം - Aadhikyam | adhikyam ;ബൃഹത്ത്വം - Bruhaththvam | Bruhathvam ;

മഹാപാപം - Mahaapaapam | Mahapapam ;ഘോരത - Ghoratha ;കൊടും പാതകം - Kodum Paathakam | Kodum Pathakam ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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