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To insert in a roil; to register or enter in a list or catalogue or on rolls of court; hence, to record; to insert in records; to leave in writing; as, to enroll men for service; to enroll a decree or a law; also, reflexively, to enlist.

  1. To enter or register in a roll, list, or record: enrolled the child in kindergarten; enroll the minutes of the meeting.
  2. To roll or wrap up.
  3. To write or print a final copy of; engross.
  4. To place one's name on a roll or register; sign up: We enrolled in the army.

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× അംഗമായി ചേര്‍ക്കുക - Amgamaayi Cher‍kkuka | Amgamayi Cher‍kkuka
× ഒരു സംഘത്തിൽ അംഗമായി ചേർക്കുക - Oru Samghaththil Amgamaayi Cherkkuka | Oru Samghathil Amgamayi Cherkkuka
× പേരെഴുത - Perezhutha
× അംഗമായി ചേർക്കുക - Amgamaayi Cherkkuka | Amgamayi Cherkkuka
× ചാർത്തൽ - Chaarththal | Charthal


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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