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That which envelops, wraps up, encases, or surrounds; a wrapper; an inclosing cover; esp., the cover or wrapper of a document, as of a letter.

  1. A flat paper container, especially for a letter, usually having a gummed flap.
  2. Something that envelops; a wrapping.
  3. Biology An enclosing structure or cover, such as a membrane or the outer coat of a virus.
  4. The bag containing the gas in a balloon or airship.
  5. The set of limitations within which a technological system, especially an aircraft, can perform safely and effectively.
  6. The coma of a comet.
  7. Mathematics A curve or surface that is tangent to every one of a family of curves or surfaces.
  8. push the envelope To increase the operating capabilities of a technological system.
  9. push the envelope To exceed the existing limits in a certain field; be innovative.

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× ഉറ - Ura
× ആവരണം - Aavaranam | avaranam
× എഴുത്തിടുന്ന കവർ - Ezhuththidunna Kavar | Ezhuthidunna Kavar
× പൊതി - Pothi
× കവര്‍ - Kavar‍


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