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Pertaining to an equinox, or the equinoxes, or to the time of equal day and night; as, the equinoctial line.

  1. Relating to an equinox.
  2. Relating to the celestial equator.
  3. A violent storm of wind and rain occurring at or near the time of the equinox.
  4. See celestial equator.

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× ഭൂപരിധി - Bhooparidhi
× രാവും പകലും തുല്യദീര്‍ഘമായ - Raavum Pakalum Thulyadheer‍ghamaaya | Ravum Pakalum Thulyadheer‍ghamaya
× വിഷുവരേഖ - Vishuvarekha
× വാനനിരക്ഷരേഖ - Vaananiraksharekha | Vananiraksharekha


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