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To eat into or away; to corrode; as, canker erodes the flesh.

  1. To wear (something) away by or as if by abrasion: Waves eroded the shore.
  2. To eat into; corrode.
  3. To make or form by wearing away: The river eroded a deep valley.
  4. To cause to diminish or deteriorate as if by eating into or wearing away: "Long enduring peace often erodes popular resolution” ( C.L. Sulzberger).
  5. To become worn or eaten away: The cliffs have eroded over the centuries. Public confidence in the administration eroded.

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× കാര്‍ന്നുതിന്നുക - Kaar‍nnuthinnuka | Kar‍nnuthinnuka
× കരളുക - Karaluka
× കാര്‍ന്നു തിന്നുക - Kaar‍nnu Thinnuka | Kar‍nnu Thinnuka
× കുറശ്ശേ തേഞ്ഞുമാഞ്ഞുപോവുക - Kurashe Thenjumaanjupovuka | Kurashe Thenjumanjupovuka
× കാർന്നുതിന്നുക - Kaarnnuthinnuka | Karnnuthinnuka


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