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A place where water boils up; a spring that wells forth.

  1. The part of the wide lower course of a river where its current is met by the tides.
  2. An arm of the sea that extends inland to meet the mouth of a river.

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പുകാര്‍ - Pukaar‍ | Pukar‍ ;നദീമുഖം - Nadheemukham ;സമുദ്രവും നദിയും ചേരുന്ന ഇടം - Samudhravum Nadhiyum Cherunna Idam ;അഴിമുഖം - Azhimukham ;പുഴവായ് - Puzhavaayu | Puzhavayu ;ആറ്റുവായ് - Aattuvaayu | attuvayu ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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