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Having existence.

  1. Of, relating to, or dealing with existence.
  2. Based on experience; empirical.
  3. Of or as conceived by existentialism or existentialists: an existential moment of choice.
  4. Linguistics Of or relating to a construction or part of a construction that indicates existence, as the words there is in the sentence There is a cat on the mat.
  5. Linguistics An existential word or construction.

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× അസ്‌തിത്വവാദം - Asthithvavaadham | Asthithvavadham
× വ്യക്തിസത്താവാദം - Vyakthisaththaavaadham | Vyakthisathavadham
× അസ്‌തിത്വപരമായ - Asthithvaparamaaya | Asthithvaparamaya
× അസ്തിത്വപരമായ - Asthithvaparamaaya | Asthithvaparamaya


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