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The faculty by which the mind forms an image or a representation of anything perceived before; the power of combining and modifying such objects into new pictures or images; the power of readily and happily creating and recalling such objects for the purpose of amusement, wit, or embellishment; imagination.

  1. The mental faculty through which whims, visions, and fantasies are summoned up; imagination, especially of a whimsical or fantastic nature. See Synonyms at imagination.
  2. An image or a fantastic invention created by the mind.
  3. A capricious notion; a whim.
  4. A capricious liking or inclination.
  5. Critical sensibility; taste.
  6. Amorous or romantic attachment; love.
  7. The enthusiasts or fans of a sport or pursuit considered as a group.
  8. The sport or pursuit, such as boxing, engaging the interest of such a group.
  9. Highly decorated: a fancy hat.
  10. Arising in the fancy; capricious.
  11. Executed with skill; complex or intricate: the fancy footwork of a figure skater.
  12. Of superior grade; fine: fancy preserves.
  13. Excessive or exorbitant: paid a fancy price for the car.
  14. Bred for unusual qualities or special points.
  15. To visualize; imagine: "She tried to fancy what the flame of a candle looks like after the candle is blown out” ( Lewis Carroll).
  16. To take a fancy to; like.
  17. To suppose; guess.

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ഭൂഷാത്മകമായ - Bhooshaathmakamaaya | Bhooshathmakamaya ;കരുതുക - Karuthuka ;കപോലകല്പന - Kapolakalpana ;വ്യാമോഹം - Vyaamoham | Vyamoham ;ആഗ്രഹിക്കുക - Aagrahikkuka | agrahikkuka ;മനോരഞ്‌ജകമായ - Manoranjjakamaaya | Manoranjjakamaya ;

ചപലമായ - Chapalamaaya | Chapalamaya ;കമ്പം - Kampam ;നിരൂപിക്കുക - Niroopikkuka ;കല്‌പന - Kalpana ;ധാരണ - Dhaarana | Dharana ;അലംകൃതമായ - Alamkruthamaaya | Alamkruthamaya ;തോന്നുക - Thonnuka ;മനസ്സിനിണങ്ങിയ - Manassininangiya ;സ്വകാര്യതാത്‌പര്യം - Svakaaryathaathparyam | swakaryathathparyam ;പ്രത്യേക ഇഷ്‌ടം - Prathyeka Ishdam ;മനോഹരമായ - Manoharamaaya | Manoharamaya ;യാഥാര്‍ത്ഥ്യബോധമില്ലാത്ത - Yaathaar‍ththyabodhamillaaththa | Yathar‍thyabodhamillatha ;ഭ്രമം - Bhramam ;അധികവിലയുള്ള - Adhikavilayulla ;മനോഹരമായി അലങ്കരിച്ച ചെറിയ കേക്ക്‌ - Manoharamaayi Alankaricha Cheriya Kekku | Manoharamayi Alankaricha Cheriya Kekku ;മാനസിക ചാപല്യം - Maanasika Chaapalyam | Manasika Chapalyam ;ഇഷ്‌ടപ്പെടുക - Ishdappeduka ;ഭാവന - Bhaavana | Bhavana ;ഭാവിക്കുക - Bhaavikkuka | Bhavikkuka ;വിചിത്രമായ - Vichithramaaya | Vichithramaya ;വ്യക്തിപരമായ ഇഷ്‌ടം - Vyakthiparamaaya Ishdam | Vyakthiparamaya Ishdam ;വിചിത്ര ഭാവന - Vichithra Bhaavana | Vichithra Bhavana ;സങ്കല്‍പിക്കുക - Sankal‍pikkuka ;സങ്കല്പശക്തി - Sankalpashakthi ;വ്യക്തിപരമായ ഇഷ്ടം - Vyakthiparamaaya Ishdam | Vyakthiparamaya Ishdam ;സങ്കല്‍പം - Sankal‍pam ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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