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A brooch, clasp, or buckle.

  1. The outer and narrower of two bones of the human lower leg, extending from the knee to the ankle.
  2. The corresponding bone in the hind leg of an animal.
  3. An often ornamented clasp or brooch used in ancient Greece and Rome to fasten clothing.

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× കാല്‍വണ്ണയെല്ല്‌ - Kaal‍vannayellu | Kal‍vannayellu
× കാല്‍വണ്ണയെല്ല് - കാല്‍വണ്ണയെല്ല്
× കാല്‍വണ്ണയെല്ല് - Kaal‍vannayellu | Kal‍vannayellu


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