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Any bird of the genus Phœnicopterus. The flamingoes have webbed feet, very long legs, and a beak bent down as if broken. Their color is usually red or pink. The American flamingo is P. ruber; the European is P. antiquorum.

  1. Any of several large gregarious wading birds of the family Phoenicopteridae of tropical regions, having reddish or pinkish plumage, long legs, a long flexible neck, and a bill turned downward at the tip.
  2. A moderate reddish orange.

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× രോഷം - Rosham
× രാജഹംസം - Raajahamsam | Rajahamsam
× തീജ്വാല - Theejvaala | Theejvala
× ഊഷ്മാവ് - Ooshmaavu | Ooshmavu
× ജ്വാല - Jvaala | Jvala
× മഞ്ജുഗമന - Manjjugamana


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