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To bend; as, to flex the arm.

  1. To bend (something pliant or elastic).
  2. To bend (a joint).
  3. To bend (a joint) repeatedly.
  4. To contract (a muscle, for example).
  5. To move by muscular control: "Sandy flexes his brow characteristically” ( Scott Turow).
  6. To exhibit or show off the strength of: "They had spent six years since the lightning Six Day War flexing their invincibility” ( Howard Kaplan).
  7. To bend: "His hands flexed nervously as he spoke” ( Mary McCarthy).
  8. Chiefly British Flexible insulated electric cord.
  9. The act or an instance of flexing; a bending.
  10. Pliancy; flexibility: "'Resolution' has none of that modern flex we favor, with generous, built-in amounts of 'maybe'” ( Melvin Maddocks).
  11. flex (one's) muscles Informal To exhibit or show off one's strength.

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× മടക്കുമടക്കാക്കുക - Madakkumadakkaakkuka | Madakkumadakkakkuka
× മാംസം - Maamsam | Mamsam


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