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Nap or down; flue; soft, downy feathers.

  1. Light down or fuzz, as on a young bird or on a dandelion or milkweed seed.
  2. Something having a very light, soft, or frothy consistency or appearance: a fluff of meringue; a fluff of cloud.
  3. Something of little substance or consequence, especially:
  4. Light or superficial entertainment: The movie was just another bit of fluff from Hollywood.
  5. Inflated or padded material: The report was mostly fluff, with little new information.
  6. The parts of a junked car that are not metal and cannot be recycled.
  7. Informal An error, especially in the delivery of lines, as by an actor or announcer.
  8. To make fluffy: fluff a pillow; a squirrel fluffing out its tail.
  9. Informal To ruin or mar by a mistake or blunder: They fluffed their chance to participate in the playoffs by losing their last three games.
  10. Informal To forget or botch (one's lines).
  11. To become fluffy.
  12. Informal To make an error, especially to forget or botch one's lines.

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× അനായാസേന - Anaayaasena | Anayasena
× മൃദു രോമം - Mrudhu Romam
× ഉണ്ടയാകുക - Undayaakuka | Undayakuka
× തെറ്റായ അഭിനയം - Thettaaya Abhinayam | Thettaya Abhinayam
× പൂട - Pooda


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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