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A stream; especially, a passage channel, or conduit for the water that drives a mill wheel; or an artifical channel of water for hydraulic or placer mining; also, a chute for conveying logs or lumber down a declivity.

  1. A narrow gorge, usually with a stream flowing through it.
  2. An open artificial channel or chute carrying a stream of water, as for furnishing power or conveying logs.
  3. A very small swimming pool designed with a propeller or pump to generate a current, allowing a swimmer to swim in place.

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× ചാല് - Chaalu | Chalu
× ഓവ് - Ovu
× വെള്ളത്തില്‍ തെന്നിനടക്കാനുള്ള ഉപകരണം - Vellaththil‍ Thenninadakkaanulla Upakaranam | Vellathil‍ Thenninadakkanulla Upakaranam
× വെള്ളത്തിൽ തെന്നിനടക്കാനുള്ള ഉപകരണം - Vellaththil Thenninadakkaanulla Upakaranam | Vellathil Thenninadakkanulla Upakaranam


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