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To lap or lay in plaits or folds; to lay one part over another part of; to double; as, to fold cloth; to fold a letter.

  1. To bend over or double up so that one part lies on another part: fold a sheet of paper.
  2. To make compact by doubling or bending over parts: folded the laundry; folded the chairs for stacking.
  3. To bring from an extended to a closed position: The hawk folded its wings.
  4. To bring from a compact to an extended position; unfold: folded the ironing board down from the wall; folded out the map to see where we were.
  5. To place together and intertwine: fold one's arms.
  6. To envelop or clasp; enfold: folded his children to his breast; folded the check into the letter.
  7. To blend (a light ingredient) into a heavier mixture with a series of gentle turns: folded the beaten egg whites into the batter.
  8. Informal To discontinue operating; close: They had to fold the company a year after they started it.
  9. Games To withdraw (one's hand) in defeat, as by laying cards face down on a table.
  10. Geology To form bends in (a stratum of rock).
  11. To become folded.
  12. To be capable of being folded: a bed that folds for easy storage.
  13. Informal To close, especially for lack of financial success; fail.
  14. Games To withdraw from a game in defeat.
  15. Informal To give in; buckle: a team that never folded under pressure.
  16. Informal To weaken or collapse from exertion.
  17. The act or an instance of folding.
  18. A part that has been folded over or against another: the loose folds of the drapery; clothes stacked in neat folds.
  19. A line or mark made by folding; a crease: tore the paper carefully along the fold.
  20. A coil or bend, as of rope.
  21. Chiefly British A hill or dale in undulating country.
  22. Geology A bend in a stratum of rock.
  23. Anatomy A crease or ridge apparently formed by folding, as of a membrane; a plica.
  24. A fenced enclosure for domestic animals, especially sheep.
  25. A flock of sheep.
  26. A group of people or institutions bound together by common beliefs and aims: "He is a living testament to the wisdom of admitting lay psychoanalysts into the official fold” ( Jerome Bruner).
  27. A religious congregation: The priest welcomed new parishioners into the fold.
  28. To place or keep (sheep, for example) in a fenced enclosure.

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× പാറക്കെട്ടുകളുടെ മടക്ക്‌ - Paarakkettukalude Madakku | Parakkettukalude Madakku
× ആലയിലിട്ടടയ്‌ക്കുക - Aalayilittadaykkuka | alayilittadaykkuka
× ഞെറി - Njeri
× തിരുസഭ - Thirusabha
× തീരുക - Theeruka
× മൂടുക - Mooduka
× വലി - Vali
× ചുളി - Chuli
× ആട്ടിന്‍ തൊഴുത്ത്‌ - Aattin‍ Thozhuththu | attin‍ Thozhuthu
× ആല - Aala | ala
× മടി - Madi
× മറയ്ക്കുകആല - Maraykkukaaala | Maraykkukaala
× മടക്കുന്ന അടയാളം - Madakkunna Adayaalam | Madakkunna Adayalam
× ആട്ടില്‍തൊഴുത്ത് - Aattil‍thozhuththu | attil‍thozhuthu
× സമാപിക്കുക - Samaapikkuka | Samapikkuka
× ഇതിലുള്ള ആടുകള്‍ - Ithilulla Aadukal‍ | Ithilulla adukal‍
× മെടയുക - Medayuka
× ആടുകളെ അടയ്‌ക്കുന്നതിനുള്ള വളപ്പ്‌ - Aadukale Adaykkunnathinulla Valappu | adukale Adaykkunnathinulla Valappu


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

Isaiah 65:10

Sharon shall be a fold of flocks, And the Valley of Achor a place for herds to lie down, For My people who have sought Me.

എന്നെ അൻ വേഷിച്ചിട്ടുള്ള എന്റെ ജനത്തിന്നായി ശാരോൻ ആടുകൾക്കു മേച്ചൽ പുറവും ആഖോർ‍താഴ്വര കന്നുകാലികൾക്കു കിടപ്പിടവും ആയിരിക്കും

Ezekiel 34:14

I will feed them in good pasture, and their fold shall be on the high mountains of Israel. There they shall lie down in a good fold and feed in rich pasture on the mountains of Israel.

നല്ല മേച്ചൽപുറത്തു ഞാൻ അവയെ മേയിക്കും; യിസ്രായേലിന്റെ ഉയർന്ന മലകൾ അവേക്കു കിടപ്പിടം ആയിരിക്കും; അവിടെ അവ നല്ല കിടപ്പിടത്തു കിടക്കുകയും യിസ്രായേൽമലകളിലെ പുഷ്ടിയുള്ള മേച്ചൽപുറത്തു മേയുകയും ചെയ്യും.

Hebrews 1:12

Like a cloak You will fold them up, And they will be changed. But You are the same, And Your years will not fail."

ഉടുപ്പുപോലെ നീ അവയെ ചുരുട്ടും; വസ്ത്രംപോലെ അവ മാറിപ്പോകും; നീയോ അനന്യൻ ; നിന്റെ സംവത്സരങ്ങൾ അവസാനിക്കയുമില്ല” എന്നും പറയുന്നു.


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