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In Anglo-Saxon times, the people of a group of townships or villages; a community; a tribe.

  1. The common people of a society or region considered as the representatives of a traditional way of life and especially as the originators or carriers of the customs, beliefs, and arts that make up a distinctive culture: a leader who came from the folk.
  2. Archaic A nation; a people.
  3. Informal People in general. Often used in the plural: Folks around here are very friendly.
  4. People of a specified group or kind. Often used in the plural: city folks; rich folk.
  5. Informal The members of one's family or childhood household; one's relatives.
  6. Informal One's parents: My folks are coming for a visit.
  7. Of, occurring in, or originating among the common people: folk culture; a folk hero.
  8. just folks Informal Down-to-earth, open-hearted.

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ഐതിഹ്യം - Aithihyam ;a kind of folk dance 1. പൊറാട്ട്    2. തട്ടിന്മേല്‍ക്കൂത്ത് - a Kind Of Folk Dance 1. Poraattu    2. Thattinmel‍kkooththu | a Kind Of Folk Dance 1. Porattu    2. Thattinmel‍kkoothu ;സ്വന്തക്കാർ - Svanthakkaar | swanthakkar ;a folk song നൊണ്ടിച്ചിന്ത് - a Folk Song Nondichinthu ;സ്വന്തക്കാര്‍ - Svanthakkaar‍ | swanthakkar‍ ;സമൂഹം - Samooham ;

ജനം - Janam ;നാടോടിയായ - Naadodiyaaya | Nadodiyaya ;നാടോടിയായ - Naadodiyaaya | Nadodiyaya ;folk art നാടന്‍കല - folk Art Naadan‍kala | folk Art Nadan‍kala ;folk song 1. നാടോടിപ്പാട്ട്    2. നാടന്‍പാട്ട് - folk Song 1. Naadodippaattu    2. Naadan‍paattu | folk Song 1. Nadodippattu    2. Nadan‍pattu ;സ്വന്തക്കാര് - Svanthakkaaru | swanthakkaru ;ജനത - Janatha ;folk tale നാടോടിക്കഥ - folk Tale Naadodikkatha | folk Tale Nadodikkatha ;വര്‍ഗ്ഗം - Var‍ggam ;നാടോടിക്കഥ - Naadodikkatha | Nadodikkatha ;കൂട്ടക്കാർ - Koottakkaar | Koottakkar ;നാടോടിക്കഥ - Naadodikkatha | Nadodikkatha ;സാമാന്യജനം - Saamaanyajanam | Samanyajanam ;powerful folk വല്ലാര്‍ - powerful Folk Vallaar‍ | powerful Folk Vallar‍ ;undesirable folk വല്ലാര്‍ - undesirable Folk Vallaar‍ | undesirable Folk Vallar‍ ;a kind of folk art north kerala തേയത്തുകളി - a Kind Of Folk Art North Kerala Theyaththukali | a Kind Of Folk Art North Kerala Theyathukali ;കൂട്ടക്കാര്‍ - Koottakkaar‍ | Koottakkar‍ ;പഴങ്കഥ - Pazhankatha ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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