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One whose ambition it is to gain admiration by showy dress; a coxcomb; an inferior dandy.

  1. A man who is preoccupied with and often vain about his clothes and manners; a dandy.

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പാദമുദ്ര - Paadhamudhra | Padhamudhra ;സുന്ദരവിഡ്ഢി - Sundharavidddi ;അലങ്കരണശീലന്‍ - Alankaranasheelan‍ ;കാലടി - Kaaladi | Kaladi ;ചുവട് - Chuvadu ;വേഷാഭിമാനി - Veshaabhimaani | Veshabhimani ;

സുഗഭമ്മന്യന്‍ - Sugabhammanyan‍ ; ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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