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To make fresh; to separate, as water, from saline ingredients; to make less salt; as, to freshen water, fish, or flesh.

  1. To become fresh, as in vigor or appearance: freshened up after the day's work.
  2. To become brisk; increase in strength. Used of the wind.
  3. To lose saltiness.
  4. To calve and therefore begin to produce milk. Used of a cow.
  5. To make fresh.
  6. To add to or strengthen (a drink).

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× പുതുതാക്കുക - Puthuthaakkuka | Puthuthakkuka
× നന്നാക്കുക - Nannaakkuka | Nannakkuka
× പുതുമണം നൽകുന്ന സാധനം - Puthumanam Nalkunna Saadhanam | Puthumanam Nalkunna Sadhanam
× പുതിയ - Puthiya
× നൂതനമാക്കുക - Noothanamaakkuka | Noothanamakkuka
× പുത്തനായ - Puththanaaya | Puthanaya
× ഉന്മേഷംവരുത്തുക - Unmeshamvaruththuka | Unmeshamvaruthuka


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