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Leave of absence; especially, leave given to an officer or soldier to be absent from service for a certain time; also, the document granting leave of absence.

  1. A leave of absence or vacation, especially one granted to a member of the armed forces.
  2. A usually temporary layoff from work.
  3. A leave of absence from prison granted to a prisoner.
  4. The papers or documents authorizing a leave: The soldiers had their furloughs in their breast pockets.
  5. To grant a leave to.
  6. To lay off (workers).

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× താത്കാലിക വിടുതൽ - Thaathkaalika Viduthal | Thathkalika Viduthal
× താത്കാലിക വിടുതല്‍ - Thaathkaalika Viduthal‍ | Thathkalika Viduthal‍
× തീവ്രത - Theevratha
× താത്കാലികാവധി - Thaathkaalikaavadhi | Thathkalikavadhi
× ശമ്പളത്തോടുകൂടിയ അവധി - Shampalaththodukoodiya Avadhi | Shampalathodukoodiya Avadhi
× താത്‌ക്കാലിക വിടുതല്‍ - Thaathkkaalika Viduthal‍ | Thathkkalika Viduthal‍
× അനുവാദ അവധി - Anuvaadha Avadhi | Anuvadha Avadhi
× താത്‌കാലികാവധി - Thaathkaalikaavadhi | Thathkalikavadhi


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