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An elongated body or frame of an aëroplane or flying machine; sometimes, erroneously, any kind of frame or body. Many aëroplanes have no fuselage, properly so called.

  1. The central body of an aircraft, to which the wings and tail assembly are attached and which accommodates the crew, passengers, and cargo.

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× വിമാനത്തിന്റെ ചട്ടക്കൂട്‌ - Vimaanaththinte Chattakkoodu | Vimanathinte Chattakkoodu
× വിമാനത്തിന്‍രെ ുടല്‍ - Vimaanaththin‍re Udal‍ | Vimanathin‍re Udal‍
× വിമാനത്തിന്റെ ഉടല്‍ - Vimaanaththinte Udal‍ | Vimanathinte Udal‍


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