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A simultaneous discharge of firearms.

  1. A discharge from a number of firearms, fired simultaneously or in rapid succession.
  2. A rapid outburst or barrage: a fusillade of insults.
  3. To attack with a fusillade.

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× നിരന്തരമായ വെടിവയ്‌പ്‌ - Nirantharamaaya Vedivaypu | Nirantharamaya Vedivaypu
× വിമർശനവർഷം - Vimarshanavarsham
× വിമര്‍ശന പ്രവാഹം - Vimar‍shana Pravaaham | Vimar‍shana Pravaham
× വിമർശന പ്രവാഹം - Vimarshana Pravaaham | Vimarshana Pravaham


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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