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A covering of cloth or leather for the ankle and instep, or for the whole leg from the knee to the instep, fitting down upon the shoe.

  1. A heavy cloth or leather covering for the leg extending from the instep to the ankle or knee.
  2. A similar covering of lightweight, moisture-resistant fabric, used by skiers and hikers.
  3. An ankle-high shoe with elastic sides.
  4. An overshoe with a cloth top.
  5. A high tubular collar fitting closely around the neck, often worn by skiers.

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× കണങ്കാലുറ - Kanankaalura | Kanankalura
× പാദകോശം - Paadhakosham | Padhakosham
× ഗതി - Gathi
× കാലുറ - Kaalura | Kalura
× കണങ്കാലുറയോടു കൂടിയ ബൂട്ട്‌സ്‌ - Kanankaalurayodu Koodiya Boottsu | Kanankalurayodu Koodiya Boottsu


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