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  1. The art or practice of using tactical maneuvers to further one's aims or better one's position: "a sometimes wry, sometimes savage look at the players, political gamesmanship, turf battles and outright chaos that permeated Washington” ( David M. Alpern).
  2. The use in a sport or game of aggressive, often dubious tactics, such as psychological intimidation or disruption of concentration, to gain an advantage over one's opponent.

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× എതിരാളിക്കുമേല്‍ മാനസികവിജയം നേടുന്നതിനുള്ള വൈദഗ്‌ദ്ധ്യം - Ethiraalikkumel‍ Maanasikavijayam Nedunnathinulla Vaidhagddhyam | Ethiralikkumel‍ Manasikavijayam Nedunnathinulla Vaidhagdhyam


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